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About Company: Doctor AP (Pvt) Ltd

Doctor AP (Pvt) Ltd is an IT Service provider to carry on the business which develop and operates software applications for mobile devices and website that can provide telemedicine platform to doctors and patients.

Doctor AP (Pvt) Ltd is registered under the companies Ordinance 1984, having corporate universal identification Number 0106319 and that the Company is limited by Shares. While Doctor AP is the Product / Service of Doctor AP (Pvt) Ltd

Doctor AP (Pvt) Ltd Primarily carry on business of Services and IT Platform in the field of information technology, Connectivity Platforms for Healthcare Professionals and Patients, also making health care more accessible through Technological innovations, Transforming, converting and implementing change in Healthcare by combining Tech world with Healthcare Industry with more meaningful and useful ways.

Company’s Vision

To transform the entire healthcare of Pakistan through Information Technology Innovations.


To make a difference in the lives of people through our Medical Technological Innovative Solutions and Services and dedicated to providing best caring technological innovations for better healthcare.


Health plays an intrinsic role in the development of nations and we believe in Health for all and provide our customers more than just specific accessibility to health treatments through technological innovations, we believe it is the technology that can change the entire healthcare of the nation by increasing accessibility to Healthcare.

There is a huge gap in between Healthcare and IT, Doctor AP believe and strives to bridge this gap between doctors and patients through a digital channel of primary healthcare delivery anytime anywhere also with other engagement solutions